Scary Beginning with a Missed Tongue Tie

This is Teagan. Teagan was born at 34 weeks gestation, and luckily for us; was a whopping 6 lbs 13 oz... Talk about big baby!  She didn't have a NICU stay and got to come home with us immediately.  Nursing her was painful,  but I assumed it was just my breasts getting used to feeding a newborn again.   After our 2nd night home, I was having difficulty getting her to wake and eat, and reached out to Melanie. We met with her the next day and spent a few hours in her office trying to get baby to wake up and latch so Melanie could give me pointers. After a few hours of not being able to wake her,  Melanie suggested we go to the hospital and I am so glad we did as Teagan needed more help than just nursing. She ended up being admitted for a week for failure to thrive as she lost a lot of weight since her birth, and was discharged on home oxygen.  We had to bottle feed while in the hospital, which caused my supply to drop despite my pumping.  When we finally got home (the second time) we reached out to Melanie again who helped me get my supply back,  and helped us get Teagans lip and tongue revisions set up.  Immediately following her revision she ate better than she ever had before! Oh the relief!  She gained a whole pound and a half in 1 week.  We followed the stretching guidelines, stretching her lip and tongue every 4 hours (guidelines now changed to every 6 hours) for 6 weeks. She finally was starting to look like a normal baby and not so sickly anymore,  and to our delight she never had troubles nursing again!  We happily nursed for 21 months until my milk dried up due to being pregnant. Once we found out I was pregnant again I reached out to Melanie again to come check the new baby for tongue/lip tie! Melanie is truly a blessing,  she helped save Teagan and I's breastfeeding relationship and possibly Teagans life.  She truly cares about mommas and their babies.  She's very knowledgeable,  and I will recommend her to any mom struggling with breastfeeding.  I didn't realize how common tongue ties were,  I'm so glad Melanie was able to spot Teagan's and help us on our journey to successful breastfeeding.

Melanie Henstrom